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Senior Living Partners believes in the qualities of honesty and strong moral principles.  Any recommendations we make are solely based on what is best for your loved one.


Donna Plotnick, the founder of Senior Living Partners, has over two decades of experience and knowledge in the senior care industry. Because of the vast network of professional resources Donna has developed, she is well equipped to assist our clients in their journey of finding the most appropriate senior living options.

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We guide FAMILIES, and their LOVED one to the best care SOLUTIONS.

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We always treat family members and their loved ones with utmost respect, dignity, and compassion.


We strive to include the senior and not just the families in our communications, so they feel that they are part of the decision-making process. Listening to the senior and incorporating their wants and needs are core principles we strongly uphold.

Furthering the EDUCATION of the COMMUNITIES that we serve on AGING issues and proactive LIVING.

This commitment to excellence, education and community advocacy is what separates Senior Living Partners from the rest.


Partnering with REPUTABLE and ETHICAL lists of senior care resources to provide QUALITY care services

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We partner with a reputable and ethical list of senior care resources to provide quality services to our families and their loved ones including elder law attorneys, estate planners, financial assistance, daily money management, home care, realtors, movers, geriatric healthcare providers, palliative care, hospice, senior communities/organizations, and government resources.

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